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offers the hottest Kids Belly Dancing Costumes for children of all ages. Kids belly dancing has children costume for halloween parties, belly dance costumes accessories as clothing supplier and wholesale distributor. We have a large selection of

belly dancing costumes, belly dance hip scarf, coin belts, kids belly dancing supplies, hip scarves, arm cuffs, DVDs, coin tops, cymbals, zills & accessories for belly dancing and Zumba

at an excellent cost. We also offer a great selection of veils, body jewelry, arm bands and necklaces to complete your ensemble.

Belly dancing hip scarves

are lightweight, fashionable, and a sexy alternative to unflattering, baggy sweat clothes or tight spandex. A hip scarf is also a fashionable and flashy alternative to your typical belt, and we offer them with coins or sequins in a variety of colors.

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